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Privacy Policy

Our website privacy policy is created that how will supervise your personal information and how it is important to you. So how we use your personal information describe as clearly as possible and you have to decide that weather you want to give your personal information to us, so as we give you products and service which you want. We are responsible to keep your personal information with confident. Our employees are provided training by reference agency to remind their obligation. Our website privacy policy can be changed timely and update on it.

Your information which we get

When you apply to get access you have to give information:

Your Email address and your Phone number are important, when you register to get our service and easy way for your credit profile.

We may keep your phone number to call you to get details about your internet IP address, operating browser that you use.

We receive when make a decision about your application or account.

Your information which we hold

We hold and use following information duo to data controller:

Your personal information such as your Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Home Current Address, Date of Birth, Financial and Banking details.
Information about lifestyle and demographic.
Your account information how you use and other services you have through us or insurance.
We keep all information to check your credit report and history and make your credit report better. Trust on us we do not share your personal information any other third party.

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